Japanese Name ココ
Romaji Coco
English Name Coco
First Appearance Chapter 7
Episode 3
Social Class Four Heavenly Kings
Occupations Fortune Teller

Coco (ココ) is one of the Four Heavenly Kings and is a friend of Toriko's. He is a fortune teller, meaning he can predict the futures of others around him. He focuses on strategy and tactics instead of attacking with full strength like Toriko does. Many different poisons have no effect on him as he has immunity to many of them. He is twenty seven (27) years old. Ichiryuu, the President of the International Gourmet Organization, is his adoptive father, and he is also Coco's only known relative. However, Coco also has a pet Emperor Crow known as Kiss. In the Japanese version of the Toriko anime, Coco is voiced by Sakurai Takahiro, and in the English dub, Coco is voiced by Jarrod Greene. He has decided many of the ingredients of his Full Course Meal, but he hasn't decided on all of the ingredients yet.

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