Episode 2

[edit] Summary

The episode begins by showing creatures similar to pigs with honey on their backs. The world is then described by referring to all the wonderful food wonders that can be found and reveals that it's the Gourmet Age. The Gourmet Age is then explained as a wonderful time period where food is amazing and how Gourmet Hunters such as Toriko hunt for these marvelous ingredients. Komatsu is then shown approaching Toriko while he is fishing. Toriko is in deep concentration as the younger man draws nearer. It is revealed that the beginning was being described in Toriko's mind as he shouts out, "Yes, this is the Gourmet Age!"

Toriko then states that wherever the tongue goes, the soul is sure to follow. The title of the episode is then revealed, and then Komatsu is chown asking Toriko to take a job offer. The job offer is to capture the Garara Gator. Toriko says nothing, and then loudly grunts as he captures a great fish cod. A five-tailed eagle is then shown trying to steal it when Toriko exclaims that it's his. Toriko then captures the five-tailed eagle, and both of them are his. Komatsu then exclaims that he had never seen either caught before.

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